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If you’re from Philadelphia or a Philly sports fan, you know how great of the year 2018 was for us, and we can only hope that 2019 brings us the same amount of luck and good fortune to the city! Let’s take a look at some of the greatest moments that happened to Philadelphia in 2018 and reflect on how promising our sports future is.

Ben Simmons Wins Rookie of the Year

It’s always a tough decision when deciding rookie of the year in basketball, with so much talent coming from all coast you can only hope that at least one player on your team is nominated. On the Philadelphia 76ers, Ben Simmons was not only nominated but won the title. He helped lead the 76ers to a 52 win season and averaged the season scoring 15.8 points per game, 8.1 rebounds and 8.2 assists. He received an overwhelming 90 first-place votes to Jayson Tatum’s 11.

Villanova Wins Second NCAA Championship in 3 Years

Philly is filled with many teams, both professional and college, so how amazing is it that Villanova could bring another championship and parade back to center city Philadelphia for their 2nd NCAA title win in 3 years. This is a huge accomplishment in college athletics and one of Philly’s very own was able to take the top spot, and since we love parades, there was no better place to have one! The streets filled with pride, and for one day everyone loved Villanova no matter what their favorite college basketball team was.

Eagles Winning Their First Ever Super Bowl

There is no greater Philly sports moment than the Eagles winning their first ever Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Not only was it monumental for the city, but it was also huge for the NFL since not many teams have ever beaten Tom Brady, especially in a Super Bowl rematch. The Eagles win prompted one of the biggest parades in Philly history and brought the entire city together for one last victory lap.

In 2018, Philadelphia regained its respect in sports, both professional and collegiate, and will continue to push the boundaries and bring championships and rookie of the year honors back to the city of brotherly love.